European Council of Nuclear Cardiology
ECNC - European Council of Nuclear Cardiology
Director of Operations - Susanna Wiener
c/o vereint, Association & Conference Management Ltd.
Hollandstrasse 14
1020 Vienna AUSTRIA
Phone +43.1.533 35 42-27
Fax +43.1.533 35 42-19
E-Mail [email protected]
About ECNC

Strategic Goals

Mission Statement
ECNC strives to promote clinical and professional activity in nuclear cardiology and related areas and to establish and maintain clinical standards in the field, by acting on behalf of both parent societies, the EANM and the ESC.

In order to promote and advance the field of Nuclear Cardiology, ECNC

  • fosters cooperation between the EANM and ESC
  • supports both parent organisations with the compliance with clinical standards, the continuous development of training courses and with lobbying activities for accreditation
  • liaises with other medical organisations in Europe and throughout the World, which are active in the field of Nuclear Cardiology
  • maintains effective communication and working relationships with clinical, scientific and technical experts
  • provides guidance and assistance for members of all medical societies working with Nuclear Cardiology to achieve safe and high quality use of the techniques for the benefit of patients
  • cooperates with industry  to achieve mutual benefits
  • initiated an European Exam for Nuclear Cardiology in cooperation with CBNC  (Certification Board of Nuclear Cardiology).
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